A few words from our truthful clients:

I thought there are not any reliable companies left. Most of the firms in the services business are not honest with their customers and you have to ask questions all the time in order to get what are you paying for. My manager gave me the task to find a glass repair contractor for his company. I got recommendations from previous customers of London Window Repair Team and several other window glazing companies in London. I made a research on them and I chose this one. Now I don't regret for my choice. The staff was not only very polite, but also very clear about the details around the glass replacement. Now I know - if I need window repair in my home, I'll call them.

Grey, J.

I hired London Window Repair Team for double glazing in my house. The boys looked experienced and were very nice. They did their job for no time and charged me less than I expected. I'm thankful to them. Double glazed windows help me to safe energy in the winter. I can't believe how much energy was lost before.


Choosing the right glass glazing company is very important. A few months ago I realized how important is to be green. All these articles, videos and posts to make us understand the obvious - we have to cherish what we have, not to spoil it. That's why saving energy is so important. Moreover, we have to recognize the firms which are trying to be green these days. This is why I'm writing to you. I want to express my gratefulness to your team. They show a care of the nature and knowledge about its protection. Keep going on this way.


I broke a window in my sister's house and I knew I'll become a dead man if she understands. Joan let me sleep in her home for several days. She was out with friends when I decided to get a drink. Do not ask me how but the result was 2 broken windows. I asked a friend what to do and he gave me the number of London Window Repair Team. I can't believe these mates are working 24/7. They were very quick and discreet. I gave them a tip for this of course. My sis didn't understand about my adventure. She told me with a laugh that the old neighbour next door was talking some gibberish about suspicious men in the building after midnight. I gave them a tip for this.


I think London Window Repair Team is great. They did a fantastic job at a good price. I'll call them again.